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78 Young-Jun Park, ByeongGi Jang, Seong-Mun Park, Ho-Cheol Ryu, Seong Jin Oh, Sang-Yun Kim, YoungGun Pu… A Triple-Mode Wireless Power Receiving Unit with 85.5 % System Efficiency for A4WP, WPC and PMA Applications IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS vol.33, no.4, pp.3141-3156 2018.04 SCI IC lab
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72 Zaffar Hayat Nawaz Khan, Young-Jun Park, Seong Jin Oh, Byeong Gi Jang, Seong-Mun Park, Hamed Abbasiz… Design of Peak Efficiency of 85.3% WPC/PMA Wireless Power Receiver Using Synchronous Active Rectifier and Multi Feedback Low-Dropout Regulator Energies vol.11, no.3, pp.479-489 2018.02 SCI IC lab
71 Young-Jun Park, Imran Ali, Truong Thi Kim Nga, Ho-Cheol Ryu, Zaffar Hayat Nawaz Khan, Seong-Mun Park… Design of a High Efficiency DC-DC Buck Converter with Two-Step Digital PWM and Low Power Self Tracking Zero Current Detector for IoT Applications IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS vol.33, no.2, pp.1428-1439 2018.02 SCI IC lab
70 T. Kim, H. Lee, W. Lim, S. Oh, H. Oh, K. Hwang, K. Lee, C. Park, and Y. Yang A Compact Single-Stage Wide-Band Balun: A 4:1 Wide-Band Transmission-Line Balun Based on a Combination of Two Different Ferrite Cores IEEE Microwave Magazine vol.19, no.1, pp.78-83 2018.01 SCI IC lab