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169 Dong Gyu Kim, Ree Jin Joe, Joon-Mo Yoo, Yeon Jae Jung, Hyung Ki Huh, Seok Kee Kim, Kang-Yoon Lee Self-Calibrated Digital Two-Point Modulator for BLE RF Transmitter IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs vol. 69, no.12, pp.4739 2022.06 SCI IC lab
168 Sung-June Byun, Dong-Gyun Kim, Kyung-Do Park, Yeun-Jin Choi, Pervesh Kumar, Imran Ali, Dong-Gyu Ki… A Low-Power Analog Processor-in-Memory-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Biosensor Applications Sensors vol.22, no.12, pp.4555 2022.06 SCI IC lab
167 Reza E. Rad, Yasser M. Qaragoez, SungJin Kim, Arash Hejazi, Dong Gyu Kim, Danial Khan, Imran Ali, … A Wideband Multi-Level Reconfigurable Class E/F 23 Power Amplifier with A Band-Selecting Tracking Reactance Compensation Automatic Calibration Algorithm IEEE Access vol.10, pp.54214-54220 2022.05 SCI IC lab
166 S. Ali Hosseini Asl, Reza E.Rad, Behnam S. Rikan, YoungGun Pu, Keum Cheol Hwang, Youngoo Yang, Kan… A 1.8-2.7 GHz Triple-Band Low Noise Amplifier with 31.5 dB DynamicRange of Power Gain and Adaptive Power Consumption for LTE Application Sensors vol.22, no.11, pp.4039 2022.05 SCI IC lab
165 Qurat ul Ain, Danial Khan, Muhammad Basim, Seong Jin Oh, Khuram Shehzad, ByeongGi Jang, Syed Adil … A High-Efficiency Triple-Mode Active Rectifier with Gate Charge Recycling Technique for Wireless Power Transfer System IEEE Access vol.10, pp.45943-45953 2022.04 SCI IC lab
164 PERVESH KUMAR, MUHAMMAD RIAZ UR REHMAN, DANIAL KHAN, IMRAN ALI, YOUNGGUN PU, YEONJAE JUNG, HYUNGKI… A Design of Peak to Average Power Ratio Based SWIPT System in 180 nm CMOS Process for IoT Sensor Applications IEEE Access vol.10, pp.42897-42907 2022.04 SCI IC lab
163 Jongwan Jo, David Kim, Arash Hejazi, Young-Gun Pu, Yeonjae Jung,, Hyungki Huh, Seokkee Kim, Joon-M… Low Phase-Noise, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz Dual-Band Frequency Synthesizer with Class-C VCO and Bias-Controlled Charge Pump for RF Wireless Charging System in 180 nm CMOS Process Sensors vol.11, no.7, pp.1118 2022.04 SCI IC lab
162 Reza E. Rad, Sungjin Kim, Younggun Pu, Yeongjae Jung, Hyungki Huh, Joonmo Yoo, Seokkee Kim, Kang-Y… A Dual-Band 47-dB Dynamic Range 0.5-dB/Step DPA with Dual-Path Power-Combining Structure for NB-IoT Sensors vol.22, no.9, pp.3493 2022.04 SCI IC lab
161 Reza E. Rad, Kyung Duk Choi, Sung Jin Kim, Young Gun Pu, Yeon Jae Jung, Hyung Ki Huh, Joon Mo Yoo,… A 0.617?2.7 GHz Highly Linear High-Power Dual Port 15 Throws Antenna Switch Module (DP15T-ASM) with Branched-Antenna Technique and Termination Mode Sensors vol.22, no.6, pp.2276 2022.03 SCI IC lab
160 Pervesh Kumar, Huo Yingge, Imran Ali, Young-Gun Pu, Keum-Cheol Hwang, Youngoo Yang, Yeon-Jae Jung,… A Configurable and Fully Synthesizable RTL-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Biosensor Applications Sensors vol.22, no.7, pp.2495 2022.03 SCI IC lab