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3 SangYun Kim, Young-Jun Park, Ali. Imran, Truong Nga, Ho-Cheol Ryu, Zaffar Khan, Seong-Mun Park, Youn… Design of a High Efficiency DC-DC Buck Converter With Two-Step Digital PWM and Low Power Self Tracking Zero Current Detector for IoT Applications IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS Vol. 33, Issue 2, pp. 1428-1439, Feb. 2018 201802 SCI IC lab
2 Son Trinh-Van, Jong Min Lee, Youngoo Yang, Kang-Yoon Lee and Keum Cheol Hwang Improvement of RF Wireless Power Transmission Using a Circularly Polarized Retrodirective Antenna Array with EBG Structures MDPI Applied sciences Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 324, Feb. 2018 201802 SCI-E IC lab
1 Chan Mi Song, Gina Kwon, Jong Min Lee, Kang-Yoon Lee, Youngoo Yang and Keum Cheol Hwang Theoretical Computation of the Capacitance of an Asymmetric Coplanar Waveguide JOURNAL OF Electrical Engineering &Technology Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 393-399, Jan. 2018 201801 SCI-E IC lab