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115 Muhammad Riaz Ur Rehman, Arash Hejazi, Imran Ali, Jae Jin Lee, Seong Jin Oh, Young gun Pu, and Kang-… A Design of 6.8 mW All Digital Delay Locked Loop With Digitally Controlled Dither Cancellation for TDC in Ranging Sensor IEEE Access vol.8, pp.57722-57732 2020.03 SCI IC lab
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112 Hamed Abbasizadeh, Arash Hejazi, Behnam Samadpoor Rikan, Sang Yun Kim,Jongseok Bae, Jong Min Lee, Jo… A High-Efficiency and Wide-Input Range RF Energy Harvester Using Multiple Rectenna and Adaptive Matching Energies vol.13, no.5, pp.1023-1036 2020.02 SCI IC lab
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